We want you to write a song for us!

Deep Cove Folk is asking people from the Saanich Peninsula to write songs about life here.  We’re on the hunt for songs that celebrate our region—works that convey a sense of what it’s like to live here or, perhaps, what it used to be like—a celebration of our special place and the community that has grown up in it.

Songs About the Saanich Peninsula

We’re on the hunt for songs that are clearly situated on the Saanich Peninsula, perhaps mentioning names of places, people or events or telling of historical events.  There will be separate submissions for students, First Nations, as well as an “open” category. 

In addition to a song, contributors will also be asked to submit a short essay which includes the inspiration for writing it, the author’s perception of how it fits in to life on the Peninsula etc.—kind of like the introduction one might give prior to singing it.

Cash prizes will be offered for the submissions that best fit our mandate. Selected entries will be published on the DCF website (www.deepcovefolk.ca ).  Contributors of selected entries will also be given the opportunity to premiere their song to a live audience at the Deep Cove Folk Club.  For young contributors, we will also offer one-on-one mentorships with some of the accomplished songwriters in our community.  

The eventual collection of songs about our place (which could be published as a book and/or CD) will end up being a useful resource for many different segments of the community and be a vibrant celebration of our community in song. 

Answers to a Few Frequently Asked Questions 

Be Our Star!

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